Monday 24 April 2006

Are they there yet?

The duo of the undead are still chillin' somewhere outside of the ZIA. Our diminutive zombie friend is getting restless (!); all of this waiting around and doing nothing but hiding from the occasional humain raiding party (and the even less frequent feasting that follows) is not doing much to help his mood.

All that waiting should not be in vain. Or so says Zeb.

- "Oh Zeb, Oh Zeb, what dost thou see upon the horizon?"

- "I don't know, but I shure hope Brian'll show up before I get so bored I decide to kill myself... again..."

Monday 17 April 2006


I've been holding this one off... I originally wanted to subit it to April's Zoinks! issue. Sadly, I ran out of time (other aspects of my life eating at any free time available) . So I was not in April's Zoinks!. Darn.

I expected to submit it for the next Zoinks! issue but, well, it's here instead.

We should be starting to get info on the whereabout of the rest of the gang next week.

Did all of our zombie friends make it out of the ZIA? Is the ZIA after our undead fellas? Are there teams? Who's on who's team?

So much questions unanswered... yes... so much mystery.

Sunday 9 April 2006

Nothing says "leave me the f*ck alone" like multiple stab wounds to the head.

I'm doing something I swore I wouldn't do... but this new character's design ain't final. I'm not entirely happy with it at the moment. So there might be a glitch in the zombie matrix in the near future where I'll go and retouch it.

It looks too much like a kid version of Gahr Hrrg (you might've noticed if you cranked the contrast up in the last few strips). Unintentionnal. Will be fixed.

Don't be alarmed with the elliptic state of things. Its wanted. Everything will be answered.

I just want things to be more undead for the time being.

Sunday 2 April 2006


Lets jump ahead and move one with some fresher story elements, shall we?

Speculate all you wish with what occured before, but rest assured that the story will be told... eventually...