Monday 27 March 2006

I deserve this.

You don't necessarily find comfort in chatting with cellmates or cellneighbors.

It would seem Zeb is a disgrace to this fellow undead.

Just who the heck is this zombie fellow from cell block C3 ??

Sunday 19 March 2006


Zeb's inprisonned - of course!

The ZIA wouldn't let a killer zombie on the loose, would they?

So they locked our undead friend in their maximum security section : in cell block C3...

Monday 13 March 2006


Even after having your body removed and being encased in a tank (which, I've heard, is suprsingly liberating), it's remkarlable how some things just won't change...

Saturday 4 March 2006

Brenda is dead...

... long live Brainda...

Killed by a zombie and brought back to life. Is Brainda undead? Is she alive? Has her charming personnality transfered to her new incarnation?

Who knows? (And who asks?)