Saturday 21 January 2006


52nd strip? Has it already been a year?

Man! A year and I've almost made it to where I wanted to be storywise (after quite a few detours).

Happy Zombies? anniversary!!!

Its been awhile since I ain't reported on zombie news (didn't feel anyone really cared about it...)

So lemme try to catch up to what I should've announced awhile ago...

  • Mr Brian Roberton was also working on a zombie comic with an undead protagonist called "Zeb". When he found out about Zombies? he went ahead and renamed his dude "Zody". Feel free to check out Zody the Zombie
  • Mr Rian Holgersen also mentionned the he's featuring a cool zombie in his strip, Kitty Litter

Also this : ... it should be higher. Six months ago, we were near the 300s. I know you can do it!!

Monday 16 January 2006


She's got class.

I mean, its not apparent. Not to the naked eye.

She's like a diamond in the rough. She's misguided, perhaps. But, at the very least, she is guided.

Most people aren't.

Then again, most people aren't dead and walking either.

I think that she's a fine specimen and that she just might prove to be able to adapt.

This whole project might not be a fluke after all...

Monday 9 January 2006

What's brains got to do with it?

I think my new friend, down at the C3 block is really helping me out with the wooing.

He talks funny, but he seems to know so much about how people think.

Its odd, how he refers to them as 'humans'. As if he, himself, was not part of humanity.

Does ceasing to live but keeing on going actually makes the undead less human?

I tend to think I'm still human. Although it would seem that I have differrent needs and urges than the living.


Anyways, I have to try and figure out what Brenda likes. I guess that knowing her is going to help me to please her and get on her good side.

I wonder how I can find such things?

Monday 2 January 2006


Have you ever kissed a zombie by the pale monlight?

  • S*I*C*K*!*

Sick, I tell ya.

Rotten piece of garbage even tried to use its tongue.

As I type this, it takes every ounce of self control I have to stop me from introducing yesterday's food to today's keyboard.

The undead are a disgusting bunch. They cannoy be trusted.

And they definately should not be kissed.

I might be many things, but a necrophiliac ain't one of these.

Pfah. I can't get rid of the taste. What does he do? Brush with formaldehide?

Filthy rotten zombies.

The year might've ended in bad taste, but somehow, I feel it can't be worse for the year to come.

So I wish you all a very good year.

And stop doing these resolution list. It's just a tool to cultivate guilt.