Monday 26 December 2005


Yeah, so, the undead can get the blues. Maybe a greenish zombie with the blues actually have the aquamarines?

Just a sucky christmas. I'm not with the girl I want. My best buddy turned out to be a spy. My ex is a psychopatic undead.

Well, at least, I'm not alive!

I sure do hope you guys get a jolly christmas time...

Oh, by the way, Eric asked me to give you guys this link: 2004 Blue Zombie Christmas. He says its my actual, real-world origin.

Yeah, like, whatever.

Monday 19 December 2005

Anger Issues.

Anger issues? Me?

The nerve of that guy.

Like if I had no reason to be angry.

I'm rotting, for Pete's sake!!! Being undead is not something I planned on. I'm way to young to rot. I don't want to look the part and I definately don't want to smell the part.

And what about that brain craving stuff. Sometimes, I could just rip someone to shreds just to get a bite of gray matter... not even a year ago I was a vegan!!

So now I'm chained to a wall and some lunatic blond headed guy tells me "you've got anger issues".

Real genious, buddy. Real breakthrough : zombies have anger issues.

I think you're gonna go far with that one, Brian.

Monday 12 December 2005


I was, y'know... feeling somewhat down.

The incident with the punching bag just made it worse.

I mean, things are falling apart, you're life is shitty. Then you die. Then your life keeps on being shitty. You can litterally fall apart. That's the kind of stress I haven't learned to deal with.

At least losing limbs is an easy thing to fix.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, so, I was feeling down and decided to go chill 'round the C3 block. I was moping, minding my own business when this guy started to talk to me.

I thought these cells were empty!

The guy in there is kind of creeping me out, but he's got a soothing voice.

He wants me to help him with something.

Not too sure what.

Monday 5 December 2005

Anger Management

Have you ever felt so angry that you felt powerless?

I hate it, when the only solution left seems to be found within violence. When the only way to be heard or understood seems to be through screaming or hitting or throwing things.

I just hate it when words and reason fail.

Lucky for me, I'm built in a way that prevents most people from wanting to trade physical arguments with me.