Monday 28 November 2005

The Curse of Arlene

I went to take a look at Expozine this last week-end. It's a neat event where loads of underground and small-time, self-publishing people in the area of Montreal get together to try and promote the crap out of their stuff.

It's cool, it's gritty, and it attracted a whole lot more people (promoters and visitors alike) than I expected. Thumbs up.

I was also very suprised and happy to meet mr Bill Charbonneau, who was there promoting Zoinks!. Besides Zoinks!, you might know Bill from such things as Voices In My Hand, Small Market Sports, and the long-time-ago, mysteriously-disapeared Weird Theorem.

If I had some spare zombie dust, I'd blow it that was to revive that whole Weird Theorem strip. Classy. (To me).

Okay, so I lied a little. I wasn't surprised at all to meet Bill. In fact, that was the sole reason I drove from Laval to Montreal that day.

So I hung out there for a few hours, chatting with the guy. It was just really great to meet a fellow webcartoonist (there must be more than just us both in the Montreal area) and swap ideas. Doesn't hurt that he turns out to be a cool guy :). I Had loads of fun, talking 'bout webcomics and marketing, and Zoinks! and whatnot.

Some of the best zombie jokes ever can be found in Voices In My Hand. If you have never checked it out, do yourself a favor and dig through the archives (if you're lazy, check this earlier post of mine).

Monday 21 November 2005

Wooing, take 1

Zeb's on the prowl again.

I thought he went for gothic chicks... seems like he has something for bichy, bossy redheads. That girl's got an attitude on her! I wonder if anything good'll come of all that...

  • Someone reviews the Land of the Dead DVD (after taking a look at the wizard of Oz, which also features a walking brainless antroporphic creature). I have yet to procure myself the LotD DVD. It's not so much a review as a description. Basically, the director's cut contains a director's cut of the movie. Wow. How's that for news?
  • Zombie musical. I just can't get over how 'zombie prom' reads like 'zombie porn'. One of these things, I hope never to see in my life. (The second thing.)
  • Please don't fee the zombies. Is a movie project - probably promoting, once again, cruely towards the undead. Other than that, sounds like fun!

Monday 14 November 2005

Woo her with words of love

Zeb on the prowl again? And he's not looking up to Brian for advice, this time...

Will that be a good or a bad thing?

Zombies? will appear in Decermber's edition of Zoinks!

It'll feature a previously unpublished strip you won't find anywhere else.

Also, Bill from Voices in My Hand - the guy behind Zoinks!, has promised extra recurring daily comics for every 50 sales of Zoinks!.

If want to contribute to a very cool effort and, as a special bonus, contribute to making a grown man crumble under the weight of promised deliveries, now's the chance!!

We have a little less material here this week, but the first two links are of truly excellent quality!


  • Want to know how zombies work? Pretty cool and in depth popular info on the history of zombies and all. Of course, the never bothered asking a real zombie for info. Maybe we should get "Ann Rice" to write a "fictionnal book" about an Interview with the Living Dead.


  • The climate mash. Monsters and zombies dance and rave about global warming. Pretty neat stuff.
  • Zombie infestation at the University. "All in playful fun". Yeah. You ever heard of a fire drill? When people pretend there's a fire to see how people react? Well, this was a infestation drill, where zombies pretended an invasion. They now know a bit more about how we'd react and are thus more prepared for the real invasion. Notice how there has been a few of these pretend invasions? Soon, we won't even talk about it. When the real invasion strikes, we won't even notice.

Monday 7 November 2005

Smart Ass

(That one's for you, Kat :P )

Don't adjust your screen - this week's comic IS in black and white. I'm fiddling with the idea. We'll see where it goes.

Let it just be said that it takes me a whole lot less time to make a strip this way.

Last week's Halloween game was too hard by most people's standard. I havve thus slacked the anal-retentiveness with which the game evaluated the keypress timing. I have also made penalties for typos and missing notes less dramatic.

I'll also give you a clue : the keys to press match the song's lyrics and timing. Maybe I'll release a cheat sheet later on, if I feel its really wanted...

This week's elliptic episodes subtly wraps up the camping storyline and establishes the wonderful, beauteous personnality of our charming newcommer to the cast, mrs Brenda. Ain't she the sweetest thang?


  • Stubbs is still being talked about, which is rather sweet. Zombies, as a demographic, are rarely depicted fairly in any medium. Fingers are crossed that this game will do justice to the masses of undead we know already inhabit the world.


  • Some more coverage of the 'zombie outbreak'. Amusingly, this article seems to want its reader to believe that people dress up as zombies to walk the street. I mean - wake up, people! I've always said that our undead neighbors could just pick up signs and walk the street, claiming their rightful freedom - and that no one would actually believe their existence. Think of it. Think of the frustration buildup. If we don't hear their plea, what else will be left for them to do, besides taking over the world?
  • Cool article about zombies in movies. This guy played in that zombie movie you might've heard about called dawn of the dead. And he's talking about zombies and movies and multiple media. Neat.
  • Don't feed the zombies. You can't really be more cruel. How are zombies to survive if they're not fed? Once again, this only serves to force them to pick up arms and wage war against humankind. Haven't we learned yet that tolerance is the word?
  • Some religions believe in zombies. No shit? You mean, they just didn't raise themselves from the dead? Just for no reason? And what's that supposed to mean, a religion that believes in something? Religions have faith now? I though people were supposed to have faith in religion? Show me a religion that has faith in man and perhaps man will have faith in religion.


Well that's all for now.