Sunday 30 October 2005

Halloween 2005


I sure hope you enjoyed this year's Halloween special as much as I did making it !

If you liked it enough and want to show support for it, go and buy the cool special Zombies? black shirt from SpreadShirt! - also available in XXL format.


  • Park Parisi has a pretty cool zombie themed comic on his daily panel Off The Mark. Check it out!


  • Someone disliked Land of the Dead. And he liked the DVD even less. Why the fuck did he buy the DVD if he disliked the movie on the cinema? A guy's gotta have his vices, it'd seem.




  • This guy's scared we're turning into zomibes. He's talking mostly of sleeping pills. That's not a subject I'm familiar with. However, having our people turn into zombies through media and sheer sloth is very topical around the water cooler at work. Nice subject.

Well, that about wraps it up.

See you again next week, for the elliptic conclusion to the camping storyline.

Saturday 22 October 2005


If you feel this week's strip is of a different style than what we usually see... wait 'till you see what's in stores for next week's EXTRA SPECIAL HALOWEEN... uh... SPECIAL!

I'm struggling to find a balance between what I want to do and the time I have to do it. I'd love to crank out more Zombies? than once a week... but the coloring, the "trying to fit a punchlined gag every week" takes a lot of time out of me... (This and working my head off trying to get a new eCommerce software up the ground).

Expect to see some experimentation of various kind in the weeks to come. And don't be afraid to react to anything you love or don't!

Without further delay, let's head towards our...


Impossible, you say? Well, IMDB has no trace of such a casting. Sounds like rumors. Maybe he'll be the next James Bond as well? I've heard worse ideas.


In fact, we don't know much about it ourselves, don't we? Maybe our friends Brian and agent Richardson should be drilled for some more info.

  • Looks like more people like to play zombie. Zombies march in Madison! Dang, it'd seem that there was a zombie march in Montreal. And I missed it!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHH!

Sunday 16 October 2005


Yes, bells like this exists. However, I have not managed to find proper reference on the net. Wikipedia has a nice entry on hiking and mentions bear bells, but (as you can see), the entry has yet to be written.

(And I don't consider myself enough of an expert to actually write it... maybe I should ask Brenda).

What's good on the zombie news front?


Let's start with our regular block on Land of the Dead:


  • If you're into a completely different kind of mood to be scared, you might want to check out... Zombies From the Beyond. It's a zombie musical. There's a picture in the article.

There is a possibility that I might never sleep again.

  • If you're one of the many that'll be getting an XBox 360 as soon as it becomes available (or before, if you're into that sort of things), you might want to check out Dead Rising. In this game, I am assured that zombies will, in fact, be shot on sight. Without dialogue and with extreme prejudice.

If you ask me, I think it's pure discrimination against zombiekind. But I digress. Lets move on.

  • Zombies? Has been spotted at Comic Alert!, which was a service I was not aware of. Most of your favorite comics are in there (at the moment of typing this, Zombies? is still pending). You can add them all to one single RSS feed. Pretty neat.

You can catch my very own comic strip feed here. If you've got an RSS reader (such as bloglines), more power to you!

That's enought zombie news for now!

See ya soon.

Monday 10 October 2005

For whom the bell tolls?

Seems like Arlene's on the run again. I wonder what happened? I wonder if we'll ever see her again!

People who know me, know me to be a rather rational person - in spite of what can be seen as my creativity and humor (which I intend to relate to emotionally-based skills).

Rationnality tries to predominate. And I like it. It's what's makes me any good at my job.

It is also the main hurdle for creativity (or perhaps, more accurately, to spontaneity)... especially when it comes to humor - to this very strip.

I remember, back in college, when I tried playing in an improv team. I'm not so bad an actor. But in improv, acting skills are secondary to spontaneity. And, I guess, rational geeks tend to overthink.

I was amazed at some of my teammate's abilities in that game - their capacity to spontaneously decide that walking through a looking glass, you come out on the other side smaller; etc.

Even though I'm a rather creative guy, I usually got stuck in the more litteral possibilities of the improv - the other players could introduce wackier elements and I'd follow. But that's about it.

I didn't stay in there long enough to win over that.

Writing "Zombies?" often makes me feel like that. I really have to stretch my self-imposed imaginative limits to try and come out with a clever gag or plot twist.

I also end up truly admiring the relative creative ingeniosity behind alot of great webcomics.

Strips such as Dieses Sweeties' "I rue the day I regretted my regression", I think is just pure freakin' genious. I mean, come on :

"I would have baked you a pie of love, but all I had in the house was regret."

Pure. Fucking. Genious.

I talked about Simulated Comic Product last week. "The Tyrant" is a good example of what I love about it.

Unbridled, fearless odd storytelling.

That's the kind of stuff I appreciate and love over at "Penny Arcade'". The same kind of wackiness I often find in "Voices in my Hand".

It's what I don't find in PvP - though I really do enjoy the strip. Well, we sometimes witness such wackiness, but it's not Scott's modus operandi.

This wackiness and sort-of downbeat humor is what I aspire to with "Zombies?"

I seems like continuity is in the path of that kind of thing. I'm trying to tell a story here (which really makes sense if you read all of the archives). The weekly schedule makes it hard to stay in people's mind (twice a week would be a whole lot better, but seeing as I still can't shit free time, no matter what I eat...).

We'll see once we're done with the camping storyline...

Monday 3 October 2005


This week in Zombies? There's a new pecking order at the camp. It seems the "newcommer" Brenda outranks Brian. It would also seem she does not think much of his work.

It would also seam Arlene's missing. That's never a good thing...

I find myself enjoying this strip Its an odd beast. Its strangely enticing in its oddity. Somehow I find myself enjoying it and craving more. The art is nothing to be amazed at, really. The writing is okay. Its the idea and sheer creativity of each of its strips that really makes it a worthwile read to me.

Go check out Simulated Comic Product (after you've bookmaked Zombies? and sent the link to 10 of your friends who have not previously bookmarked in otherwise a horde of the undead just might come crawling at your door, craving whatever lays inside your cranium))

Reader-related Plug One of our readers has written a rather extensive scientific-sounding paper relating on zombies. You can read the essay here.

Zombie News

Nothing especially noteworthy was remoted in zombie world to me this week... Here's the short list of stuff...

Another Land of the Dead review (in ridiculously narrow columns) Interview with ''that guy'' that played in ''that movie'' about zombies you might've heard about.

Lesbians on Ecstasy is music band I've never heard of. But they're somehow involved with zombies. ''Gay'' zombies.

Seems like a new column which will want to talk about the Undead in movies. Here, its talking about Wild Zero, which seems to be a japanese zombie movie... which is a concept I really need to get to know more of...

And finally, here's a few reviews on Return of the Living Dead 4... which seems to come out ... today.