Monday 26 September 2005

The Mole

Is there something worse, in a zombie's life, than to feel betrayed by a close friend? And what's up with that Brenda gal?

We'll see how things between Zeb and Brian get and we wish them our best.

I have a lot of movies on DVD. Nowhere near some of my friends (a certain Martin comes to mind), but quite a good collection still. Go and check it out.. If you want me to review one of these movies (check the movie reviews and zombie movie reviews to see if it ain't there first), just ask!.

Be warned that I like most of these, since I bought them :P - but I've been known to enjoy some pretty crappy films :)

What news we have on the zombies front?

Seems like our friends, the Irish, have "banned" a TV commercial featuring zombies. Banned is too strong a word. Its been forced to be displayed at 21h00+. It would seem the Irish think that zombies are not for children. More here and there, (if you like to register to irish news web sites).

A zehr kewl review of Night of the Living Dead can be seen at dvd times. We also have our very own review of the movie, which can still be freely and legally downloaded from

Looks like there's no stopping marketing. We have all missed on the opportunity to win the auctionning of deciding the names of some characters in Stephen King's next zombie novel. Oh well. Zeb would've been nice. Some more redundant info can be seen here.

Someone didn't like Romero's latest and writes about it.. Somewhere else, on the planet, someone liked it and sorta writes about it.

Some people making zombie movies at a fire station.

Some people talk about Stubbs the Zombie:rebel without a pulse. Which seems like a neat-o undead, beat-the-filthy-humans-with-parts-of-your-body kinda game.

Last, not least, Dead Rising screenshots on xbox 360 have been spotted. Creepy cool.

Monday 12 September 2005

Camping neighbor

Some of us might be undead, but still have some of their sensibility intact...

Some people are still not sure they know exactly what is a zombie. Well, this little clip from some old movie will put things in perspective for you (I can't find the title)

If you ever wanted to play a classic zombie (or a classic wannabe survivor), you might want to check into Urban Dead. This free, browser based silly game is loads of fun! Loads!

Sunday 11 September 2005


We finally figure out who that mysterious figure was. What a clever ruse!

(No, it wasn't a ruse... if you didn't recognize Nairb, you probably just ain't dug deep enough in the back strips)

So, what's new in the zombie world?

Looks like Romero tries to sound clever describing how he does his zombies. Maybe he does. But I've never had a neighbor dressing up like a clown or a santa claus. To me, the thing is cleverly simple - a zombie clown is creepy. Heck, a clown is creepy. Don't try to make the idea bigger than it is. And make a zombie clown movie already. :P

Some parents are scared their kids are turning into zombies. They figure that if they only remain sitting in front of screens, they stop participating in healthy daily life activities. Someone should do something about this! Perhaps there should be a parenthood syndicate and all parents could go on strike to put some pressure on the government so they stop all this maddening tv, movie, games and other screen-related activities that rot our youngster's minds.

Or, perhaps, parents should do a tad more parenting. Limit the screen-based entertainment. You know, teach something about balance and all this kind of parenty stuff.

Remember : you kids are your own personal sidekicks. You need to train'em.

Another high peak of fantastic cerebellum activity has been spotted. It would seem that Ukraine has banned Land of the Dead. It would seem the movie is unrespectful of 1933's Holodomor. While the Holodomor is an horrible tragedy, I fail to see what's Land of the Dead's got to do with it. Perhaps something is in need of a swift kick on the behind. Or perhaps someone has been playing too much video games. Must be it.

Some more Romero Adulation has been spotted. Good for George :)

All this talking of videogames reminds me of Darkwatch. Ain't played it. Seems kinda creepy cool. Electric Playgound's guys kinda liked it (can't find a link). This guy didn't.

Oh yeah, the undead bird pumper stickers are crazy cool - but they'll be gone by the end of the week. So grab one while you can.

Monday 5 September 2005


Well, I figure someone ough to like mosquitoes. And it aint me.

In other news, I caught several reports of zombie attacks targetted at American Idol.

Zombies claiming that tv is rotting people's brains? Well, after all, they're the experts. Articulate brain-craving zombies are a rarity, though.

There is still time to order your October copy of Zoinks, and thusly catch a climpse of a funny Zomibes? strip. This strip won't be shown here.

Last monday, we were #570 in the popularity scale. Your joyful clicking brought us up to #457. Pretty cool! Still far from our old #200 score, but pretty cool indeed! Don't be afraid to keep on voting for Zombies? up.