Sunday 28 August 2005

Positive thinking

Our zombie friends are still out camping. Their mysterious guide asking them questions that'll hopefully help them deal with what is happening to them. Help them reintegrate our society.

Somehow, it would seem Arlene harbors some resentment towards something. Something that might've happened during her life.

Other zombies news:

The gals (and guy) of In Case of Zombies seem to be hard at work at making their project come true. It too soon to have an idea of what they're up to. Nevertheless, they seem like a cool bunch.

John Leguizamo shows us his true face, as he tries to explain his zombofobia. Okay, so maybe I'm twisting this a bit. But why would someone feel uneasy sharing a dinner table with a bunch of zombies and entrails? He's hiding something.

It would seem that capcom's working on a new Resident Evil... for the Nintendo DS. Evidence seems to point to weird and interresting game elements such as having to wipe blood off the screen. It's a remake and I'll have to bug my Ninentdo DS owner friends in order to have a peek at this.

Also, if you don't care for squishy undead bird bumper stickers, you might want to check out Zoinks!.

As I'm relentlessly stating, Zombies? is going to be printed in it. Its going to feature a cool halloween-themed strip. Which won't be available anywhere else in the forseeable future.

Last, but not least: we're slipping down the popularity ladder. Not that it means that much. But a few months ago, we were nearly #200. Now we're down at 570. And if my stats are correct, we've got quite a few readers here. So vote Zombies? up. Its free, and it tells me you care :P

Monday 22 August 2005

Some more causality.

Back in the end of may, we introduced the concept of causality.

The chain has only started. Who knows where it'll go? Be wary, my friends, be wary...

There's still time to grab a cool causality bird bumper sticker...

And to show your support by preordering your copy of Zoinks, who'll sport a never-before-seen strip of Zombies?.

Monday 15 August 2005

Scary Stories

One of the cool things during camping nights, is the telling of scary stories.

Which makes one wonder - what stories does a zombie tell to scare his zombie friends?

Oh, and also... I have to confess something.

I did not talk to you guys about Zoinks!. See, Zoinks! is a cool classy magazine.

Its classy because of the way its done. It's printed. On paper.

It also comes out every two months, its not expensive and...


it will feature Zombies?

Yes, in the October edition of Zoinks!, Zombies? will see print. (How punctuationful!)

Chances are it'll see print in the issue after, and the other one after as well. But only if the guy behind the project sees enough interrest.

So shell out a few dollars and pre-porder your 6 issue subscription, already!!, there'll be some other cool comics and articles and, y'know, stuff!

Monday 8 August 2005


A few zombies a-camping as some kind of social training therapy. That sounds like loads of fun.

I wonder what a zombie does on camping? How do the undead commune with nature? Do they like the same camping activities as the living? Do they go at them same way?

Time should tell...

Monday 1 August 2005

The Grudge.

This one I was originally scheduled to come out over 3 months ago. But I figured I could have some more fun with Arlene saying only 1 word for a little while.

So Arlene, the zombie, can talk again. Is this a good thing?

Time'll tell...