Monday 25 July 2005

How's she doing?

Zeb continues his tour of ZIA headquarters. It would seem Arlene's brain craving has diminished enough for her to utter other words than her 1-syllable usual. Good.

Maybe we'll even get dialogue?

On other zombie-related notes, a reader pointed out to me the coming of what seems to be a really cool zombie-based game in which you play Stubbs, a zombie that seems to be bent on the destruction of humankind.

Actually, the link my reader gave me is directly to the zombie game's trailer (requires quicktime). Great fun to watch, if you're into zombies.

(Which I'd hope, if you're here)

Oh, I almost forgot!!

I've taken a little time and added a info regarding Zombies?'s cast. Go check it out!

Tuesday 19 July 2005

Pickin'up chicks

Well, Zeb's at it again, it would seem.

How could he pass such a fresh-looking goth zombie anyway?

I'm on some sort of a break from work, so I'll try and use part of my time to spice things up around here.

On my to-do list:

  • Write a storyline and some strips to rebuild my buffer (the writing buffer has been gone for awhile)
  • Draw a few strips to rebuild my buffer (my buffer's gone)
  • Start (and perhaps realize) a few pages to introduce the cast & world

I'm considering going back to a looser format than the 'one row of strip' I've been sticking to lately.

I like the restriction, as it forces me to be more creative. However, even though I usually manage to bring my joke through in 4 or less pannels, I've had to let some context and background story go away.

Or if I force it in, the flow is odd.

A good example of what I'm thinking of is "Some have it all...".

See how the first row is context but the joke is actualyl self-contained in the second row?

With how I've been working lately, I would've been forced to let the first row go. The joke would work fine, but context and story is lost.

Believe it or not, I do have a few stories to tell :)

Of course, bigger comics mean more work (which is okay), and perhaps a rethink of the layout.

I love having the strip on my first page. It's what makes sense. That's what people are looking for.

However, a design la Penny-Arcade, which puts the comic on a separate page, gives more freedom over the format of the comic.

I'll be thinking about this during my 'off' time.

Of course, I would crave your opinion on the matter. So, please do leave a comment at the end of the post :)

Monday 11 July 2005


Big kudos to the Hamster who rewrote the whole punch line to this week's strip, 'cuz I was in a rut and it sucked.

If you haven't seen Land of the Dead, you might not catch the subtlety of the joke.

So you just owe it to yourself, zombie fan, to drag your undead butt out of the house and catch that flick.

Word of the wise : expect shit. That's the best way to end up liking most movies. Low expctations, in movies, are the key to enjoyment.

In life, though, that's another story.

Low expectations, in real life, only lead to low results.

No deception disapointment, sure. But is avoiding deception disapointment really worth avoiding life?

I don't think so.

Monday 4 July 2005


She's not being raped. She's fighting with Dick. Uh, well, Agent Richardson.

To have a chance to actually get the obscure joke, one would have to remember "The Craving"...

We're slipping in We're at 562. We used to be nearing the 200s. Have we stoped clicking?

Or has the quality of the strips came low?

I still have a few weird strips coming up. And vacations.

Vacations will help me pick the ball up again, hopefully.