Monday 27 June 2005


What do zombies and zombies' friends drink?

Brain - or event better yet, Bloody Brain.

Zombie is an obvious choice.

As we can all see and guess, Zeb also fancies Sex on the Beach, as most people should. has even more variations and drinks.


Monday 20 June 2005

in His image...

You made (and drawn) a comic about breasts?

Well, yeah. Why not? The setting is there. And there are some things to say on the subject.

But what if there were kids reading your comic? They could see the boobs, and even understand that this is what you're talking about! This aint no subtle subtext!

So? Should we be ashamed of breasts now? I don't believe for a second that they are displayed here in any erotic fashion. Not even remotely. Who'd be offended?

And should I care?

Arent breasts one of the earliest parts of our mother's anatomy we come in contact with? Should we be ashamed of that? Or is it Ok because only if the suckling does it eyes closed?

Does this strip means that agent Richardson thinks God is a man? Does it mean that Zeb thinks that God is homosexual? Does it mean that men are boobs?

I let you all to your thoughts...

Monday 13 June 2005


Who said you had to be suave, refined and elegant to impress a lady?

Those of you following the zombie movie universe are most likely aware that we'll soon get a new Romero zombie flick called "Land of the Dead".

What you might not be aware of is that we'll get Romero Zombie Video Games as well.

What you still might not know is that there's a possibility to end up as a zombie in this game. Not by playing it, but by participating in a contest and sending in pictures of your angry-looking face. Go check it out!

Monday 6 June 2005

Undead birds.

I think Alfred Hitchcock's movie would've been greater if the birds were going for brains.

I wonder what kinda beak such birds would've evolved over the years to make their feeding easier.

But this bird won't be the one who'll help us figure it out.

Our guys are hot the heels of rogue Arlene. But is it the probable proximity to Arlene that causes this sudden rise of temperature?