Monday 30 May 2005



In a strict reading, if A causes B, then A must always be followed by B. In this sense, sex does not cause pregnancy, nor does smoking cause cancer. In everyday usage, we therefore often take "A causes B" to mean "A results in an increase in the probability of B"; sometimes that A is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for B; and sometimes that A is one of many things that can contribute to the occurrence of B.

Let's give thanks to Wikipedia for this clarification :P

Causality is what gives a hard-on to The Matrix's Merovingian (is that spelled right? does it mean anything? Let's ask wikipedia again! - god I love this thing!).

Just thinking about Merv makes me want to go out and get big chewy, juicy, olives to munch upon. Man, this Lambert Wilson guy is the best actor I've ever seen, when it comes to chewing on olives and making it look just friggin' delicious.

What makes me happy about causality? I like causality chains when the outcome is surprising and yet, it just plain makes sense. Y'know, when you finally figure it out and go: "now why didn't I see this one coming?". That's what "whodunit" movies are supposed to do. It's just hard to get me without cheating. Such cheap ploys can be seen in movies such as The General's Daughter.

What does it have to do with our little story here? Well, as causality would say, if it had a mouth and the ability to speak:

"Only time will tell..."

Monday 23 May 2005


As some of you might be aware of, I have some kind of storyline plotted in there. And, as all half-thought-of plotlines, there's holes. Some weeks, I sit there, writing and getting ready to draw and it dawns upon me: I just can't tell the bit of story I want to yet.

Before person X goes to place B, he needs to have a tangible reason to do so. The challenge with weekly strips that are desperately tryining to be at least one flavor of funny, is that reasons, plots and motivations are not always necessarily funny. And that trying to limit yourself to a four panel-a-week, self-contained gag doesn't leave too much place for development.

I said it's a challenge, not something impossible. So there's a few jokes that end up having to wait a month or so. I'm always trying to remain "buffered", as far as writing and drawing goes. So as not to have too much of a deadline pressure. Ever comic you see usually spends about a week sitting on my desktop while I try to work out drawing, writing and pacing flaws.

What happens now is that my buffer almost all for the future and I'm working close to deadlines.

I think it still remains kinda funny. It just surprises me more, when jokes pop out of nowhere without me having thought about it for a few days. Its less polished and more spontaneous (like this week), and I like it too.

Now if I could just find some pocket of virtual time where I could actually promote the comic :P

Monday 16 May 2005


More from the guy from the ZIA... Maybe he's not such an annoying bastard? Who knows...

Stay tuned for details about my super-cool b-day party and the exploration of my crazy-cool gifts!

Monday 9 May 2005


Introducing Agent Richardson and the ZIA. Who's he? What's a ZIA? So many questions!

In the meantime, you can enjoy this classic 1954 horror comic book cover featuring a zombie. It's great! It just could be Zeb (pictured in a less cartoony way, of course...)

- Update -
Oh, and if there's any arabic speakers among you guys and gals, I'd love to hear confirmation about how penile-sounding Zeb's name is. I've been told it sould quite the same, but to my memory, it sounded more like 'Zabra' (which sounds alot like some arabic food of cylindrical shape (it's not my recipie - our family recipie, I might consider sharing someday...)).

But I'm no speaker of the tongue... maybe with the accent and everything, Zeb and "zabbra" sound the same? Who knows. I know I'd like to...

Monday 2 May 2005

Where is she?

Hey, anoter joke that ends with Brains (sorta)... Seems like Arlene really has brains on the brain...

"Brains" make for excellent punchlines, but I'll try not to group similar punchlines so much in the future... Of course, that's hard, since it seems that's the only thing Arlene's able to say these days...

I've been so gosh darn busy that I've not been able to promote Zombies? these last few weeks... I can see my number of readers going down... I hope I'll be able to get back to promotion this may...

Meanwhile, be nice to your friends and pass'em the link to Zombies? !!