Monday 25 April 2005

For the dyslxecic...

Post is late, as I'm busy, tired and all. But the comic's always on time. Seems that you might have to force your browser to refresh on monday, as it might keep a cached version of the comic, if there hasn't been a post.

I'll look into it, as soon as someone discovers the missing day that's supposed to exist between saturday and sunday.

I haven't been generous on the zombie links lately either, for the same reasons the posts are late... and for the same reasons I haven't been too active on other zombie-related sites, etc. etc.

Business is what makes people busy. That's why they call it that way.


Monday 18 April 2005


Well, the "bring your friends"... contest has ended and, as I'm tying this, I'm ready to pick the name of the winner from my virtual hat.

As my finger hovers over the mouse button, the culmination of all the excitement wrought by this whole contest thing is sending spasms through my index finger, the metaphorical and semi-litteral bridge between a list of people and the selection of a winner.

  • click*


What an incredibly interresting random number! Running it up agains the table of ticket holders, my breath is nearly failing me. Oh, what a climactic piece of litterature, this post will be! I can't begin to fathom the number of generations of human who will remain in complete utter ignorance of this single piece of history!

And our winner ...



Yes, man! With nearly 50% of the tickets, Bordnlazy has won this contest and will be the owner of a very cool Zombies? t-shirt!

I'll be sending you an email shortly!

Thanks to all for participating and be on the lookout for more contests from Zombies?

Monday 11 April 2005


Well, there it is! A "new" character :P

Figured that if the title of the strip is "Zombies?", it should have more than one zombie, right?

Which brings us to the contest again.

The prize is a black "Undead Arlene" t-shirt, which looks pretty much like this (only better) :



As far as the contest participants go, it didn't move much since last week.

Maybe I've overestimated the number of readers... maybe I explained it wrong.

Here's how it works: Let's say Kat registers in the contest, naming Zeb as the person who referred her. Kat's in the contest (she gets one ticket) Zeb gets an extra ticket, 'cuz he referred someone

That's the easy way to get in. Here's when it becomes interresting: Kat tells her friends (by email, or through her blog, for instance) to come read this very cool comic about zombies, and to register to the contest.

Let's say John register, naming Kat as the refering person. John's in the contest, he gets one ticket Kat gets an extra ticket for referring John Zeb gets half a ticket for referring someone who referred someone.

Let's add another level of fun. Let's say John's psyched by the contest and gets Marie, Joshua, and, uh, Roberto to sign on the contest John gets 3 extra tickets Kat gets 1 and a half extra tickets Zeb doen's get any more tickets

So, the more people you refer, the more points you get and the more people they refer, the more points you get as well :P

There's still one week left to play, so refer on!

Later on this week, I should talk to you about the movies I saw last week, Resident Evil:Apocalyps and 28 Days Later.

Monday 4 April 2005

Rules for lovin'

Hey, late on the post! Good thing the comic update is automated!

Quick contest update: Bordnlazy's got the best chance of winning... he's got nearly 50% of the tickets.

What'll he get if he wins? A super cool black t-shirt with our newest character on it.

What new character? You should know next week. When the new character's unveiled, I'll post a picture of what the shirt'll look like.

A week after that, I'll do the drawing. So, if the price is interresting to you, you should ACTIVATE AND GET A-LINKIN' ALREADY, cuz the t-shirt just ain't gonna win itself.

As I've been livin' under a rock for the past few days, I don't have much zombie-related news to share... Well, except this movie that just wrapped up filming and that should feature at least one zombie.

That's a darn cool title for a zombie flick (The Feeding).