Sorry for all the delays.

Just to keep you all informed, my dad passed away on Februrary 21st.

He died of heart failure, at the age of 63.

This is the result of years of not properly taking care of his health. Basically, eating wrong, no exercice, overworking and feeling generally miserable most of the time. Despite our best efforts.

My father passed away before he could see his first grandchild.

My son should be born before the end of March. He will never know his grandfather other than through the stories that will be passed along.

I cannot express the sadness I feel. I dearly loved my dad.

Now that the first steps are over, I don't exactly know how I feel. This all feels unreal.

The most vivid, constant reminders that he is gone went by. And I don't feel like he is gone.

I feel like he could call me any second to tell me everything is fine.

I feel like I could just drive to his house to try and cheer him up.

The only thing is that I can't.

Because he isn't there anymore.

You are missed, dad.

I love you.

-- Eric.