Hey! I'm still alive!!

I've been hard pressed to find some time for the strip lately. I guess I owe it to the few people still coming to check for new developments to tell you what's been up...

Well, for starters, I'm going to be a father!

We are at the beginning the pregancy's fourth month. Very exciting times!

This, of course, brought along many changes. Mainly, preparing the house for the comming of the baby.

Since we want to keep our cats, we decided to get rid of most of the rugs we have in the house (long haired cats and rugs don't really improve air quality in a house).

So planning renovations... and actually doing them has been eating most of my free time.

This and my passionating and very time consuming job have been strong factors in preventing me to get anything out Zombie-wise.

Good news is that the new strip is written and pencilled.

Bad news is that my scanner is acting up again.

So please stay tuned and keep your RSS readers pointed to our feeds, cuz we ain't done with the Zombies yet!