Monday 31 July 2006

Little layout change...

I've switched the layout a bit, to see what'd happen.

I saw that alot of people were not noticing the posts. So I wanted to bring them higher.

That means that the strips are now displayed only when we look at the linked post.

See the nice "banner" at the right with Zeb's face on it?

Guess what? If you click on it, you'll see the latest comic (as an added bonus, the date's written right under it!).

So there you have it. You'll see the posts first and the comic second. Gives a chance for people to see what I write up here and saves me some bandwith as well :)


Oh, by the way, if someone can tell me why oh why AdSense thinks I'm talking about calendars, please lemme know. I mean, I know there's a calendar right besides the Ad, but still. I think the Website speaks enough about zombies and the undead that google should be able to figure it all out...

Friday 28 July 2006

Friday Links

My friend Kat started doing what she calls 'Friday Links', which is basically the summary of this week's interresting browsing.

Lemme join the bandwagon:

  • Tired of trying to remember or understand who is friends with whom in the daily drama found within the middle east? Let these issues be gone with the Middle East Buddy List. Sounds ridiculous? Well it aint. Jam-packed of info, in a nice thing that can fit well within one's noggin'
  • You like weird-ass cartoon? You like Mike Mignola? You wanna watch a fight between a weird detective and Emperor Zombie? The Amazing Screw-On Head is for you! You can watch a full episode there!
  • Movie credits bore you? Maybe there's something for you to learn about them. Robert Glatzer tries to educate us in Movie Credits 101. Maybe someday, I'll put that some of that newfound knowledge to good use!
  • You a geek? You comfy with 3 dimentons? You understood 4 dimentions while waiting for your bib back when you where 1? You have fond memories of understanding 5th dimention at elementary school? Maybe you don't need this awesome presentation that helps you in Imagining the tenth dimension. This sweetly made presentation will teach you about some dimentionnal theories without boring you to tears! (I hope)
  • Finally if, like me, you love to sing, you might want to check out kSolo. For me, there's nothing like signing one's heart out at the end of a tough day. Works best with Internet Explorer.

So these are this week's picks for me.

Wednesday 19 July 2006

Late strips

The strips have been late lately - very busy on some side projects that are using most of my free time.

I have a new strip drawn and scripted - just need to finish it before it shows up.

I'm hoping to have it up by (or on) this weekend.