Tuesday 16 August 2005

Arlene in the real world

The hamster has recently acquired a tasteful Arlene tank top.

I swear that the " boob grabbin' " effect is completely unintentionnal - though quite amusing in itself. (It looks as if Arlene's reaching the wearer's boobs).

It did have the wonderful effect of bringing unto this world a pearl of wisdom such only drunk men can provide:

"I see you’ve got brains, eh?... *insert toothless grin* ... well, I’ve got intelligence."

Freakin' genious, man! Just gotta love it :)

Monday 15 August 2005

Limited time offer.

Spread the word and help people fend off these pesky zombie birds with this cool new Zombies? bumper sticker!

Available for a limited time on cafepress. Only 4.99$!

'Cuz on September 16th, this cool stuff goes "bye bye"! (eg - go buy it before the 16th of September)

Saturday 13 August 2005

Zeb's Picks (Links)

Here is a list of all the friends of Zombies?

If you like zombies, you might want to check these out!

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Wednesday 10 August 2005


Sometimes you get linked to from odd places that make no obvious .

But, seriously, pictures of cancer filled breasts? That's a weird category to be linked on. (Don't worry, there's not actual pictures to be seen straight from that link).