I'll be turning 30 this friday.

I've already got my first present. My girlfriend (with participation from just about everyone I know) managed to get my good friend (and borther-in-law (by fact, if not truly by law) Mathieu to come and visit me.

See, about a year ago, he and his girlfriend decided to leave the Montreal area and go live near Calgary.

Matt and I were very close buddies. I don't know exactly how to describe our relations. I can't say we ever really talked or anything. We... hung out... Not too many words, there. We just liked to share time together. We've known each other for about 10 years or so. The story has more details, but to cut it short : we met at school. ended up being roomies. he met a girl, she became his girlfriend. Not too long ago I started dating one of her sisters (which I've been doing rather succesfully for nearly four years now).

Needless to say, we got close, Mathieu, Véronique (his GF), Marianne (my GF) and I (me).

So it hit me pretty hard when I just learned one day that they'd be leaving soon. Never got around to truly accept this, really.

So Marianne getting Mathieu to come and see me for my birthday is something extremely cool that I truly appreciate.

We men of little words can now enjoy spending time together again, if only for a few days. We'll even trade a few words, I'm rather sure of it!

So, to all involved, a very big thank you... Especially to Mathieu and Marianne.

I love you guys!