Wednesday 30 March 2005

Contest update...

Just a quick update on our should-be-famous "Bring a Friend Over... and their friends too!" Contest...

Bordnlazy's still comfortably in the lead.
Martin Richard's just getting started.
Tochespam's effort didn't pay off yet.

C'mon! Get this ball started! There's less than two weeks left and I need to get at least a T-Shirt worth of regular traffic for this! You can do it! Do like Bordnlazy!

Oh, and while I'm trying to get you guys to increase my popularity, you might just as well vote for me at TopWebComics. It's like brushing your teeth - it takes no time and you should do this daily.


Thursday 24 March 2005

Walking Dead 2

I know I've already talked about it this week... but I just finised reading through The Walking Dead, volume 2. I've got a few comics to read ahead of me... If you're not picking up the book, you'll have to wait a little to pikck up volume 3.

I'm not making any money ouf of these amazon links. It's jus a convenience. You must read these books. If you're a comic fan, you need to do it. If you're a zombie fan, it's inconceivable for you not to do it. If you're a fan of well written stories, you absolutely, completely and definately have to get these books.

I'm not kidding. I'm only building up anticipation and raising your expectations and, at the same time, your chances of being disapointed.

But it's seriously ranking with the top modern things I've ever read. All categories confounded. You must not be held back if you perceive comics as an inferior art form. Borrow a copy from someone.

Heck I've even heard of comic shops with the following promotion: "if you don't like The Walking Dead, we'll buy it back from you". They'll sell it right back anyway. It's that good. It is.

So grab a few bucks, encourage worthy artists and read that.

Wearing your Zeb boxers, of course.

Speaking of which, I was considering having a Easter Zombie t-shirt. But since the gag kinda flopped (I think its funny, but it still too rough around the edges... I'll probably fix it when I find time), I'm not sure. Of course, you can always drop me a comment here to let me know how wrong I am.

I am, though, planning a very cool t-shirt which should be available in three weeks ('cuz I can't have the t-shirt come out before the strip, right?).

May you rest in peace!

Wednesday 23 March 2005

The Walking Dead

I bought a few comic books last week. I've been talking with the guy at the comic shop about zombies - he saw I had just purchased a copy of the Zombies!!! board game and was asking about it. Of course, I ended up plugging Zombies? as well, but he ended up plugging The Walking Dead, which he convinced me was must-read material.

So I bought the first trade (book reprinting first 6 issues), the second trade and the following four issues.

This is great stuff. (No, the "great" is not a link, its underlined. I know.)

This is a very well written and drawn piece of fiction. Robert Kirkman (the writer, amongst other things) wanted to go beyond the gorefest that is usually the main dish behind most zombie fiction (graphic, written, animated, etc.) we're used to see.

I've only gone through the first book and it's awesome. I've been scared, surprised, touched. I've said "damn!", quite a few times.

I'm very picky about the books I like - if not about the books I buy. I truly recommend picking this book up. Even if you don't usually (or ever) read comics. If you're a zombie fan... or just a plain fan of things well written, do yourself a favor and pick up the first book. You won't regret it and you'll most likely find youself picking up the second book as well... and wishing that the third one be out already :)

Tuesday 8 March 2005

Tanratino the 13th?

Caught this bit o' news on the web... Seems like Tarantino could direct a 'Jason' flick.

A Tarantino zombie flick... what'd that look like?

Thursday 3 March 2005

A dunk's a dunk (a link's a link)

On the right side of the site, there's some "Zombie links". Yeah, I know, not too obvious. I'm working on an update of the site to improve navigation and other UI considerations. But I digress.

I just noticed that I got linked from Voices in my hand, (which I already link from the before-mentionned right-hand bar). This is cool!

So I'm writing this to equate the linkiness :)

I wend through the archives and plucked all the Zombie goodness I could find from VIMH. There's more than zombies in there, so I'd invite you to browse in there!