Tuesday 25 January 2005

It's in the oven.

Third strip produced. Two ahead in writing. We're top shape. Can't wait for the release next monday!

I'm working on an old idea I had, in regards to rating movies and such. I'm planning to consult with a few friends and we just might end up being able to provide you with zombie movies reviews and ranking.

For so doing, we'll have to get to see every zombie movie we can get our hands on. So don't be afraid to send us some zombie movie suggestions! Or even zombie movies. I'd love to get zombie movies by mail, for free :P

Seriously, though, more info on zombie movie reviews later on.

Friday 21 January 2005

Keepin y'all posted.

Still on track for februrary release. Two comics done. Two ahead in the writing.

I had planned on using a vertical format (much like on Checkerboard Nightmare), but decided against it, as my Web page design forced me to go too narrow. The comics were getting hard to read.

So I went much like PvP Online. But my comics are more of the size we can see on Penny Arcade.

And I've started growing concerns for bandwith... well.. I think I'll wait for the comic to actually be a success before I worry about that. If I have to, I'll just go the whole Penny Arcade way and remove the comic from the front page. But I'm getting eons ahead of myself.

I haven't found my comfort zone with the comic yet. The ones I did are Okay by my standards... not great, but Okay. Since my whole storyline is planned for the year, though, I'm quite confident I won't lack material and will find my comfort zone.

So that means that in less than two weeks, I'm starting to release comics.

Be on the lookout for Zombies? to hit the Web January 31st!

What? I know I said februrary. But I want to release weekly on mondays. So, 31st'll have to do for beginning of februrary.

Saturday 15 January 2005


Just to keep my few potential fans updated - I've got 3.5 strips written down. Story arc is getting richer and clearer every day. One strip is finished.

Even got a domain name: ZombiesComic.com. For now, it's redirecting to Mazelair, but I'm considering taking it out and having it stand on its own.

I'm aiming for a launch at the beginning for februrary.

Can't wait to make you guys meet Zeb, Brian and the gang!

Oh, and while I've got you reading, here... I'm also building a collection of zombie-related links. I'll most likely link the best material from ZombiesComic. So if you got something that's cool and zombie related, post it here!

Wednesday 5 January 2005

Zombies... vous avez dit zombies?

I'm currently working at pitching the first story arc... which could last for quite awhile...

I've written the script for the first page. I want to have a few scripts written (enough to have a month of writing ahead) before I start posting. Technically, once I'm on a roll, getting ahead script-wise should be rather easy.

That way, I don't have to wait for my writing to be done to draw. Which I would want to keep ahead of as well.

I'm considering... heck I've decided for a weekly schedule. Once I'm started, I'll try having a strip ready for every monday.

Saturday 1 January 2005

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