Friday 25 March 2005

Zombies?'s "bring a friend over and their friends too" contest.

Okay, here goes. I'm ready to start a new contest. Okay, a 1st contest.

It's the official Zombies?"Bring a Friend Over... and their friends too!" Contest!

Here's how it works: you refer people to Zombies? and tell them to refer other people. For every person you refer, you get one ticket. For every person that person refers, you get half a ticket.

When time's up, I'll make a draw. The winner'll get something. Something physical.

No, its not a knuckle sandwitch. It's a present.

Now about that present, there's a cool "milestone" strip coming up in a few weeks (on April 11th), and one of the panels there would make for a great T-shirt.

I'm working on a special contest-version of that t-shirt which won't be available any other way. If I get my way, it'll be black. And cool. Definatevly cool.

Okay, so, in order to prevent cheating, here's what you can't do:

  • You can't post from the same computer within 3 hours, you'll have to wait.
  • You can't refer someone who refered you.
  • You can only be referred once (so don't try to say you referred the guy that's winning to get a ton of points, someone already brought him in...).
  • You must have been referred in order to participate (just use, he can't win anyways)

That's about it.

Oh yeah. How do you participate? Easy.

Send your referred people here and get them to fill in the following form (and make sure they spell their email addresses right! that's how I know where to put the points and that's how I know how to contact the winner!):

You email address:
Adress or code of the person who sent ya:

AND DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER YOUR SELF AS A REFERRED PERSON! Otherwise, you're getting zero points. Doesn't matter if you do it after you've referred people. But you need to do it before the end of the contest. Keep the weird code already in the form, or tell it that sent ya.

Don't worry about the email addresses - I'm not giving them to anyone! In fact, when you complete this form, you'll be brought back here. And you should be able to see a nifty code written in the form. That code means you. It means you don't have to give your email address to people if you don't want to. Give them the code instead. Or give them the link that's showing in your browser with your code in it. It'll work. I promise!

Monday 21 February 2005

Linking to

Linking to Zombies? is, of course, completely encouraged.

In fact, if you own a piece of the Web that talks about zombies or webcomics, it's your duty to do so.

If you're looking for official link banners that you can copy on your site and use to link back here, this is the right place to look.

[read more!]

Saturday 1 January 2005

Advertising on Zombies?

Starting March 2005, I've set up a banner system on Zombies?.

The system runs on phpAdsNew, a pretty cool, pretty sophisticated and pretty free open source banner management systems.

Now, I don't have delusions about how valuable advertising on Zombies? is.

It's frickin' amazing, that's what it is. A chance of a lifetime.

And I wouldn't feel right if I prevented any of you people from benefitting from this amazing opportunity.

That's why it's free.

Yup. I'm not charging a penny for this. I don't even know if I ever will...

But there's one catch - you absolutely have not to suck. That means that I must like what is advertised. AAAaaand, it has to make some kind of sence with the context of this Web page. So, zombie-related stuff, comics-related stuff... perhaps even toys or games. I'm open-minded.

Other than that, I need a 'half banner'. That's a 234x60 image. And an URL. That's where people'll go when they click on your banner. And what you'd like it to say when they mouse over your image.

Since I don't know how long I'll run these campains, consider these "1 month contracts". It runs for a month. After the month, if I'm still doing this for free, it'll go for another month. And so on. Should be free for quite some time. Maybe forever.

I'm still measuring it.

So, you likey? Mail me, we'll see if we can do business.

Zombies? Merchandise

We've got two Cafe Press shops:

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Arlene's "Super Store"

We also have a Spreadhirt shop!

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