Friday 9 February 2007

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Since the updates are less frequent, its easy to loose track of what's happening here.

Make sure it doesn't happen: Subscribe to Zombies? - you'll receive an email when new stuff is posted on the site!

Its opt-in. Its handled by FeedBurner. I trust it, and so should you :P

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Oh, and if you didn't read it, check out the latest comic: Suspect Number Two!

Wednesday 7 February 2007

Suspect number two

The story moves on a our zombie investigator interrogates second suspect...

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Saturday 3 February 2007

Theme song and Intro

Here's something for the ones who've been patiently waiting (or given up waiting) for the next installment of the ZSI storyline.

Of for anyone that wants to anyhow.

Its the theme song and introduction to the "Just Add Zombies" segments I want to do. I'm still slowly working on the concept and this is the result of my first round of tests.

Hope you find it as amusing as I do...

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