Saturday 9 December 2006

Holy Night - Christmas Special

This is a new feature that I've been wanting to do for quite some time now.

It is entitled:

In life, we often encounter things that leave a lasting impression.

I have been left wondering, how can they be made better? Or worse?

The answer?

Just Add Zombies.

Steve from The Sneeze refreshed our memory with a repost from this song heard 'round the Web.

Taken under the song's spell once more, I wondered...

How can it be made better?

Just Add Zombies!

It is the perfect opportunity to introduce one of the perpetrators of Just Add Zombies, your new undead friend: Fuhrn Teyel.

So rejoice, for this is "Holy Night"...

(NB: Just so we're clear: I didn't sing this. I don't know who did, but it sure aint me.)

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Wednesday 6 December 2006

A suspect

It would seem that a suspect has been apprehended in this sordid affair. Samples taken from the scene served to identify a zombie that seemed to have been intimately involved with the crime. As chief inspector in this case, Zeb will interrogate.

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