For the last few months, my interrest has greatly grown towards this litterary phenomenon we call character development.

I thinkg it started with a cool little comic called "The Walking Dead".

I realized that the evolution of characters was the thing that made this good.

People were in situations. Everybody reacted in different ways. These reactions had repercussions on other people, triggering other reactions.

Slowly, the extreme situations forced the people to change.

This change, this development... this was brain candy to me.

Didn't take much time to realize that most story-based works I truly loved featured this: believable characters that, confronted with extreme situations, changed.

I'm an analyst at heart. I like to build software. I like to wrap my mind around problems, break problems apart and find solutions. Elegant, creative solutions.

What makes these kind of stories appealing to me is the mental reverse engineering of the character's progression; figuring out what made them react this way. What psychological defense mechanism cocktail is in effect? How strong is it reacting? Where is it from?

I love to understand things. Rarely do I consider something I do not understand as simply stupid. These are challenges. If, at first, something seems stupid, perhaps I did not look at it from the proper angle.

One thing I have a hard time doing, though, is forward engineering it. I would love to write stories that work like the stories I love. I would love to have well-defined characters that feel alive, that have different personnas.

I think I'm slowly crawling towards my goal with this strip. But there is still some ways to go.

There is one TV show that I'm following religiously these days. It's called "House".

This show features the best written character I've seen in ages, combined with a truly great actor - Hugh Laurie.


I say great actor and great writing because not only do I not completely forget that Gregory House is fictionnal character, I just can't wrap my mind around the idea that Dr. House does not, in fact exist.

I would love to meet this doctor and befriend him.

I've never been much of a fanboy. Never before have I felt so strongly about such a thing as a story.

I mean, I though I was engrossed by Firefly.

House resonnates so much with me. With how I would like to be. With how I sometimes feel (or used to feel) about myself.

What an awesome show.

Well, I would love to be able to create something as compelling as this one day.

I've been reviewing season 1 of House. Studying the characters. I've also started reading books on character writing.

I hope to be able to crack this puzzle and develop my own potential of writing intriguing and interresting characters.

I would love to hear from you guys, who actually dare to read this comic week after week.

What do you like about it?

Does any of the characters in there mean something to you? Why?

Very curious indeed.