Well, it ain't really a Valentine themed strip, but it's got some red.

As you might've noticed, I'm experimenting with styles. Nothing's decided as permanent for the moment. Please do comment on what you like and dislike.

It's fun to see what you can learn about the human brain in Wikipedia... My favorite section regards the popular misconceptions regarding the human brain.

The fresh/living brain is actually very soft, jelly-like and deep red. They do not become firm and grey until they have been preserved with various chemicals/resins.

I find that stuff to be very interresting and educational, wouldn't you agree?

Wihtout that info, the brain on this week's comic would've been grayish... (and would've enhanced the chances of people actually reading the bloody mess as a brain instead of as a mish-mash of innards (or a heart)).

Learning is good.