52nd strip? Has it already been a year?

Man! A year and I've almost made it to where I wanted to be storywise (after quite a few detours).

Happy Zombies? anniversary!!!

Its been awhile since I ain't reported on zombie news (didn't feel anyone really cared about it...)

So lemme try to catch up to what I should've announced awhile ago...

  • Mr Brian Roberton was also working on a zombie comic with an undead protagonist called "Zeb". When he found out about Zombies? he went ahead and renamed his dude "Zody". Feel free to check out Zody the Zombie
  • Mr Rian Holgersen also mentionned the he's featuring a cool zombie in his strip, Kitty Litter

Also this : ... it should be higher. Six months ago, we were near the 300s. I know you can do it!!