Have you ever kissed a zombie by the pale monlight?

  • S*I*C*K*!*

Sick, I tell ya.

Rotten piece of garbage even tried to use its tongue.

As I type this, it takes every ounce of self control I have to stop me from introducing yesterday's food to today's keyboard.

The undead are a disgusting bunch. They cannoy be trusted.

And they definately should not be kissed.

I might be many things, but a necrophiliac ain't one of these.

Pfah. I can't get rid of the taste. What does he do? Brush with formaldehide?

Filthy rotten zombies.

The year might've ended in bad taste, but somehow, I feel it can't be worse for the year to come.

So I wish you all a very good year.

And stop doing these resolution list. It's just a tool to cultivate guilt.