I went to take a look at Expozine this last week-end. It's a neat event where loads of underground and small-time, self-publishing people in the area of Montreal get together to try and promote the crap out of their stuff.

It's cool, it's gritty, and it attracted a whole lot more people (promoters and visitors alike) than I expected. Thumbs up.

I was also very suprised and happy to meet mr Bill Charbonneau, who was there promoting Zoinks!. Besides Zoinks!, you might know Bill from such things as Voices In My Hand, Small Market Sports, and the long-time-ago, mysteriously-disapeared Weird Theorem.

If I had some spare zombie dust, I'd blow it that was to revive that whole Weird Theorem strip. Classy. (To me).

Okay, so I lied a little. I wasn't surprised at all to meet Bill. In fact, that was the sole reason I drove from Laval to Montreal that day.

So I hung out there for a few hours, chatting with the guy. It was just really great to meet a fellow webcartoonist (there must be more than just us both in the Montreal area) and swap ideas. Doesn't hurt that he turns out to be a cool guy :). I Had loads of fun, talking 'bout webcomics and marketing, and Zoinks! and whatnot.

Some of the best zombie jokes ever can be found in Voices In My Hand. If you have never checked it out, do yourself a favor and dig through the archives (if you're lazy, check this earlier post of mine).