Zeb's on the prowl again.

I thought he went for gothic chicks... seems like he has something for bichy, bossy redheads. That girl's got an attitude on her! I wonder if anything good'll come of all that...

  • Someone reviews the Land of the Dead DVD (after taking a look at the wizard of Oz, which also features a walking brainless antroporphic creature). I have yet to procure myself the LotD DVD. It's not so much a review as a description. Basically, the director's cut contains a director's cut of the movie. Wow. How's that for news?
  • Zombie musical. I just can't get over how 'zombie prom' reads like 'zombie porn'. One of these things, I hope never to see in my life. (The second thing.)
  • Please don't fee the zombies. Is a movie project - probably promoting, once again, cruely towards the undead. Other than that, sounds like fun!