Zeb on the prowl again? And he's not looking up to Brian for advice, this time...

Will that be a good or a bad thing?

Zombies? will appear in Decermber's edition of Zoinks!

It'll feature a previously unpublished strip you won't find anywhere else.

Also, Bill from Voices in My Hand - the guy behind Zoinks!, has promised extra recurring daily comics for every 50 sales of Zoinks!.

If want to contribute to a very cool effort and, as a special bonus, contribute to making a grown man crumble under the weight of promised deliveries, now's the chance!!

We have a little less material here this week, but the first two links are of truly excellent quality!


  • Want to know how zombies work? Pretty cool and in depth popular info on the history of zombies and all. Of course, the never bothered asking a real zombie for info. Maybe we should get "Ann Rice" to write a "fictionnal book" about an Interview with the Living Dead.


  • The climate mash. Monsters and zombies dance and rave about global warming. Pretty neat stuff.
  • Zombie infestation at the University. "All in playful fun". Yeah. You ever heard of a fire drill? When people pretend there's a fire to see how people react? Well, this was a infestation drill, where zombies pretended an invasion. They now know a bit more about how we'd react and are thus more prepared for the real invasion. Notice how there has been a few of these pretend invasions? Soon, we won't even talk about it. When the real invasion strikes, we won't even notice.