(That one's for you, Kat :P )

Don't adjust your screen - this week's comic IS in black and white. I'm fiddling with the idea. We'll see where it goes.

Let it just be said that it takes me a whole lot less time to make a strip this way.

Last week's Halloween game was too hard by most people's standard. I havve thus slacked the anal-retentiveness with which the game evaluated the keypress timing. I have also made penalties for typos and missing notes less dramatic.

I'll also give you a clue : the keys to press match the song's lyrics and timing. Maybe I'll release a cheat sheet later on, if I feel its really wanted...

This week's elliptic episodes subtly wraps up the camping storyline and establishes the wonderful, beauteous personnality of our charming newcommer to the cast, mrs Brenda. Ain't she the sweetest thang?


  • Stubbs is still being talked about, which is rather sweet. Zombies, as a demographic, are rarely depicted fairly in any medium. Fingers are crossed that this game will do justice to the masses of undead we know already inhabit the world.


  • Some more coverage of the 'zombie outbreak'. Amusingly, this article seems to want its reader to believe that people dress up as zombies to walk the street. I mean - wake up, people! I've always said that our undead neighbors could just pick up signs and walk the street, claiming their rightful freedom - and that no one would actually believe their existence. Think of it. Think of the frustration buildup. If we don't hear their plea, what else will be left for them to do, besides taking over the world?
  • Cool article about zombies in movies. This guy played in that zombie movie you might've heard about called dawn of the dead. And he's talking about zombies and movies and multiple media. Neat.
  • Don't feed the zombies. You can't really be more cruel. How are zombies to survive if they're not fed? Once again, this only serves to force them to pick up arms and wage war against humankind. Haven't we learned yet that tolerance is the word?
  • Some religions believe in zombies. No shit? You mean, they just didn't raise themselves from the dead? Just for no reason? And what's that supposed to mean, a religion that believes in something? Religions have faith now? I though people were supposed to have faith in religion? Show me a religion that has faith in man and perhaps man will have faith in religion.


Well that's all for now.