If you feel this week's strip is of a different style than what we usually see... wait 'till you see what's in stores for next week's EXTRA SPECIAL HALOWEEN... uh... SPECIAL!

I'm struggling to find a balance between what I want to do and the time I have to do it. I'd love to crank out more Zombies? than once a week... but the coloring, the "trying to fit a punchlined gag every week" takes a lot of time out of me... (This and working my head off trying to get a new eCommerce software up the ground).

Expect to see some experimentation of various kind in the weeks to come. And don't be afraid to react to anything you love or don't!

Without further delay, let's head towards our...


Impossible, you say? Well, IMDB has no trace of such a casting. Sounds like rumors. Maybe he'll be the next James Bond as well? I've heard worse ideas.


In fact, we don't know much about it ourselves, don't we? Maybe our friends Brian and agent Richardson should be drilled for some more info.

  • Looks like more people like to play zombie. Zombies march in Madison! Dang, it'd seem that there was a zombie march in Montreal. And I missed it!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHH!