Seems like Arlene's on the run again. I wonder what happened? I wonder if we'll ever see her again!

People who know me, know me to be a rather rational person - in spite of what can be seen as my creativity and humor (which I intend to relate to emotionally-based skills).

Rationnality tries to predominate. And I like it. It's what's makes me any good at my job.

It is also the main hurdle for creativity (or perhaps, more accurately, to spontaneity)... especially when it comes to humor - to this very strip.

I remember, back in college, when I tried playing in an improv team. I'm not so bad an actor. But in improv, acting skills are secondary to spontaneity. And, I guess, rational geeks tend to overthink.

I was amazed at some of my teammate's abilities in that game - their capacity to spontaneously decide that walking through a looking glass, you come out on the other side smaller; etc.

Even though I'm a rather creative guy, I usually got stuck in the more litteral possibilities of the improv - the other players could introduce wackier elements and I'd follow. But that's about it.

I didn't stay in there long enough to win over that.

Writing "Zombies?" often makes me feel like that. I really have to stretch my self-imposed imaginative limits to try and come out with a clever gag or plot twist.

I also end up truly admiring the relative creative ingeniosity behind alot of great webcomics.

Strips such as Dieses Sweeties' "I rue the day I regretted my regression", I think is just pure freakin' genious. I mean, come on :

"I would have baked you a pie of love, but all I had in the house was regret."

Pure. Fucking. Genious.

I talked about Simulated Comic Product last week. "The Tyrant" is a good example of what I love about it.

Unbridled, fearless odd storytelling.

That's the kind of stuff I appreciate and love over at "Penny Arcade'". The same kind of wackiness I often find in "Voices in my Hand".

It's what I don't find in PvP - though I really do enjoy the strip. Well, we sometimes witness such wackiness, but it's not Scott's modus operandi.

This wackiness and sort-of downbeat humor is what I aspire to with "Zombies?"

I seems like continuity is in the path of that kind of thing. I'm trying to tell a story here (which really makes sense if you read all of the archives). The weekly schedule makes it hard to stay in people's mind (twice a week would be a whole lot better, but seeing as I still can't shit free time, no matter what I eat...).

We'll see once we're done with the camping storyline...