This week in Zombies? There's a new pecking order at the camp. It seems the "newcommer" Brenda outranks Brian. It would also seem she does not think much of his work.

It would also seam Arlene's missing. That's never a good thing...

I find myself enjoying this strip Its an odd beast. Its strangely enticing in its oddity. Somehow I find myself enjoying it and craving more. The art is nothing to be amazed at, really. The writing is okay. Its the idea and sheer creativity of each of its strips that really makes it a worthwile read to me.

Go check out Simulated Comic Product (after you've bookmaked Zombies? and sent the link to 10 of your friends who have not previously bookmarked in otherwise a horde of the undead just might come crawling at your door, craving whatever lays inside your cranium))

Reader-related Plug One of our readers has written a rather extensive scientific-sounding paper relating on zombies. You can read the essay here.

Zombie News

Nothing especially noteworthy was remoted in zombie world to me this week... Here's the short list of stuff...

Another Land of the Dead review (in ridiculously narrow columns) Interview with ''that guy'' that played in ''that movie'' about zombies you might've heard about.

Lesbians on Ecstasy is music band I've never heard of. But they're somehow involved with zombies. ''Gay'' zombies.

Seems like a new column which will want to talk about the Undead in movies. Here, its talking about Wild Zero, which seems to be a japanese zombie movie... which is a concept I really need to get to know more of...

And finally, here's a few reviews on Return of the Living Dead 4... which seems to come out ... today.