Okay, there seem to be this big controversy thing about the fact that this movie features "fast zombies" while "true Romero zombie movies" don't.

I really don't give a shit.

Fast zombies are scary. Heck, they're much more dangerous than slow ones.

Slow zombies are much more creepier (is that even a word?).

I still prefer slow zombies, but I'm definately not going to base whether I liked a movie or not based on the speed of movement of the animated corpses. Slow zombies are creepier, give a better sense of creeping doom, give better hope of survival (only to have that hope crushed later).

Fast zombies can eat you before you even know they're here.

Enough of that crap. On to the movie.

The opening scene is freakish as hell. If you connect with Ana (the main character), you'll soon see the horror and despair, the crazyness of the apocaliptic setting. Very well done. And at a pacing that still suprises me. I didn't expect the shit to hit the fan that early. And boy, did the fan get dirty or what!

Once again, good character development make the movie. People you hate, people you hate less, some you even might like. Some you hate only to love later. I dug most of these people.

Other than that it's standard fare. You'll scream at some seemingly obviously bad decisions (the stress, man! they just can't think straight under all that stress). Some awkward moral choices to make...

The movie doesn't really get philosophical. It goes for the gut the whole way.

And the ending is deliciously annoying, to boot. Clever, clever.

I still prefer the original, as there seems to be a bit more meat to it, but the remake definately has some glorious moment (such as driving golf balls from the top of a shopping mall into an ever-growing crowd of the undead).

Another must see for any Romero fans.