I'm not necessarily a big fan of remakes. Remakes worry me.

This here was not the case, because I had already seen the remake before I saw the original.

For the record - I still prefer the 1968 version (I know I didn't write the review for that one, but I make that statement nonetheless).

As stated earlier, the film remains actually very true to the original, in essence. Of course, the special effects have been revamped (there's budget and, well, we *are* 22 years later).

From what I seen, the remake has been prompted mainly due to copyright notice problems in the original (which might explain why it can be downloaded for free from the archive.

The director (Tom Savini) does a good job of taking advantage of this clever remake by using the fact that alot of the viewers *know* what's to come. And stimulating strong expectations is a key ingredient when you're trying to surprise (or scare) people.

Good Fx. No nudity. Not too much gore (which has been cut for rating purposes). A director's cut would probable be nice :)

All the friendly and less-friendly characters from the original are there. Most have their differences.

Most dramatic difference if seen in Barbara, who instead of being in shock and catatonic during the whole movie actually snaps back together and fights on. Girl power!

The ending is also different (no spoilers here). But definately not as jaw-dropping as the original.

What makes it a good remake? Character development. Very good character development. You'll love to hate most of these people. You'll feel the tension. This is what these movies are all about, as far as I'm concerned!

Overall pretty cool, must-own for Romero fans.