One of the cool things during camping nights, is the telling of scary stories.

Which makes one wonder - what stories does a zombie tell to scare his zombie friends?

Oh, and also... I have to confess something.

I did not talk to you guys about Zoinks!. See, Zoinks! is a cool classy magazine.

Its classy because of the way its done. It's printed. On paper.

It also comes out every two months, its not expensive and...


it will feature Zombies?

Yes, in the October edition of Zoinks!, Zombies? will see print. (How punctuationful!)

Chances are it'll see print in the issue after, and the other one after as well. But only if the guy behind the project sees enough interrest.

So shell out a few dollars and pre-porder your 6 issue subscription, already!!, there'll be some other cool comics and articles and, y'know, stuff!