Mr. [Big] Daddy

People me knows call me Mr Daddy. Me likes better be called Big. ‘Cuz that’s what me am. Me Big.

Me be a smart thinkie person. Not every other people agree. They stupid.

Me don’t know why, but putting gas in cars be relaxing to me. So me do that.

Me would like to do work that be makes more use of me smart thinkie skills. Maybe me do just that.

Me likes girls. But me girl she go away. She say me drink too much. She stupid.

So me drink and then green guy tries to eat my head. So me beat the crap out of green guy.

Then me don’t remember too much.

Then me get smart.

Me looks for girl who not go away. Me looks for girl who not stupid and not say me drink too much.

Maybe we drink together next time?