Okay, so, we live in a modern world where air only comes second to publicity, in terms of quantity.

After a day of painting my brother's appartment, me and the other half of my couple decided to go to the late night showing of Batman at 22h00. That's 10pm, for those of you who like to mix in alphas with their decimals.

We were on a somewhat tight schedule to make it.

Good thing there's like 45 minutes of freakin' ads before the movie begins.

We're used to movie previews. We lik'em. It's targetted publicity. Well targetted publicity. Hooray. I'm all for that.

We got used to being shown slides before the previews started. That was okay. Beats listening to the crappy music they put in there or looking at the other people in the theater.

Then they made the slides move. Okay. Sure. Why not.

Then, they opened the curtains and blasted us with big fucking commercials. I mean, fuck, there's ads on my underwear already (why do you think they write "Fruit of the Loom" on your undies? That's publicity. You're wearing it.)

At first it was one or two commercials. Okay. Greater quality commercials. Cool. Longer version, cinematographic commercials.

Now they shoot just big-ass versions of made-for-TV commercials. Which will just make you sick, cause, well, they've been designed for TV.

What pissed me off about these ads (and why I'm not talking about the actual movie yet) is the stupid hair fucking color ad they showed.

Who was it? Loreal? Who cares. It just plain horribly insinuated, in all its psychotic glory, that changing your hair color will make you happy - heck, it'll make you a better person.

"Go where you always wanted to go" "Be what you always wanted to be"


It just came out of me, out loud. I was so insulted.

If you think people will love you more because you're sporting spiffy "natural looking" red hair. You're wrong. You're so plain fucking wrong, it's just sad.

But they're praying on you. On your insecurities. And they're using near-hypnotic suggestive techniques that just makes we want to hurl.

"People believe you more when you whisper"

It's true. Try it. Argue a little with someone - don't get angry and scream - the mood must be relatively friendly. Then, get close and whisper a fact that works towards your argument. Chances are you'll win.

Speakers allow you to scream whispers.

"Maybe she's born with it" - Maybe it's Maybelline

Half of the slogan is whispered. The ditty makes it memorable. The whole makes it work. You don't question it if you don't stop to think about it. Most people are not born with colored eyelids and glossy lipstick.

And who the hell puts fucking makeup ads at the beginning of a Batman movie? Maybe I just don't get it.