Agent Dick Richardson

I’m a tall man of strong build, nearing his forties. I work in an undisclosed branch of the government.

I’ve got a fairly dark complexion, which is due to my middle-east roots. I don’t really speak an Arabic language, but I know enough words to make people blush. You can blame my father.

I like sports. I’m a fairly competitive person, when it comes to physical activities. I love paint-ball, judo and brisk walking.

I’d love to meet a woman who is not afraid of expressing herself physically. While I do appreciate the beauty of the women’s body (what’s not to like?), I do place a high value on personality as well.

I do believe that a person’s personality shines through during physical activities. Sitting and talking all night is fine. But to really get to know someone, you’ve got to see her sweat. You’ve got to feel her resolve in the face of challenge. Sports are great for that.