Monday 27 June 2005


What do zombies and zombies' friends drink?

Brain - or event better yet, Bloody Brain.

Zombie is an obvious choice.

As we can all see and guess, Zeb also fancies Sex on the Beach, as most people should. has even more variations and drinks.


Friday 24 June 2005

Land of the Dead

Today was the opening day of "Land of the Dead" Romero's latest Zombie offering.

Of course, me and my zombie squad had a "Romero Day" planned.

Au menu: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Eating the flesh of dead chicken, Day of the Dead, a little drive, Land of the Dead. All the Romero's originals, no remakes.

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Monday 20 June 2005

of the dead.

For zombie fans living under a rock, Romero's Land of the Dead is coming out this week.

It comes out on the 24th. Here, in Quebec, that's St-John's day (or Quebec Day, as I like to think about it).

I think seeing 4 zombie movie flicks in a row might be a good way to celebrate.

(It might even be a political statement, if you're so enclined)

in His image...

You made (and drawn) a comic about breasts?

Well, yeah. Why not? The setting is there. And there are some things to say on the subject.

But what if there were kids reading your comic? They could see the boobs, and even understand that this is what you're talking about! This aint no subtle subtext!

So? Should we be ashamed of breasts now? I don't believe for a second that they are displayed here in any erotic fashion. Not even remotely. Who'd be offended?

And should I care?

Arent breasts one of the earliest parts of our mother's anatomy we come in contact with? Should we be ashamed of that? Or is it Ok because only if the suckling does it eyes closed?

Does this strip means that agent Richardson thinks God is a man? Does it mean that Zeb thinks that God is homosexual? Does it mean that men are boobs?

I let you all to your thoughts...

Monday 13 June 2005


Who said you had to be suave, refined and elegant to impress a lady?

Those of you following the zombie movie universe are most likely aware that we'll soon get a new Romero zombie flick called "Land of the Dead".

What you might not be aware of is that we'll get Romero Zombie Video Games as well.

What you still might not know is that there's a possibility to end up as a zombie in this game. Not by playing it, but by participating in a contest and sending in pictures of your angry-looking face. Go check it out!

Wednesday 8 June 2005

WoW vs Guild Wars?

If the capture the flag game is the only thing that'll keep me in World of Warcraft, I might just as well switch to Guild Wars... I've already a bunch of friends there, they have similar multiplayer games that don't take a half-hour drive in-game to reach and no monthly fee...

Food for thought...

Anyone reading this played both? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

As luck would have it, my monthly subscription got renewed a few hours ago. Guess I'm into WoW for the next month ;P

World of Warcraft - a new patch

I was just getting ready to just quit World of Warcraft.

I've been playing it since the beginning of the year, its been fun, but I have been loosing interest since I hit level 40.

See, at level 40, you get to ride a horse! It gets you where you want to be that much faster. It's sweet.

So I worked at it, 'till I got to level 40. Got the horse and here's what happened:

"Cool! I got a horse!"

* runs around a few minutes *

"Yup. I got a horse"

So, a few weeks of hard work for a few minutes of enjoyment.

These games are truly fun only if you indulge in the multi-player aspects of it. (In layman terms : it's fun if you play with friends.) And I'm a solo kind of guy.

I love story, action and all and this game wasn't delivering anymore. With massive multiplayer games (as in real life), you have to make your own stories. If you don't go "out there" and get involved, nothing happens and you get bored.

And getting bored alone is the best way to get fed up with what you're doing.

So I set myself an objective: "I want to become a master armorer!"

Becomming a master armorer is just about as boring as boring can get. There's a few quests where, overall, you need to mine for about 200 units of metal, build some armors, give it to some guys, etc.

Mining is very, very fun: run around places you know the proper type of metal lays. Hope there's some. If there's some, go and mine it out. If you're lucky, you get 4 units of metal from one spot. A 1 hour run around a sector that has the proper metal can take about 1-2 hours and will give you an average of 20 units.

So you can get bore for an average of 25 hours and you get to be a master armorer.

Which I did - except that I got bored before I got all the metal and just sold alot of what I had to buy the metal instead of mining it.

Yay! I'm a (broke) master armorer!

So what?

Thus endeth my enjoyment of the game, really. The next objective I could set myself is getting to level 60 (I'm level 46 now). And I know that at level 60, I'm just gonna get bored some more.

I was getting ready to quit when the fine folks at Blizzard released a new patch that includes a new feature: Battle Gounds.

See, battle grounds is a place in the World of Warcraft universe where the Alliance (Human, elves, dwarves and gnomes) fight against the Horde (undead, tauren, orcs and trolls).

This is done in a "capture the flag" stlye of game. First team to capture the opponent's flag and bring it back home safe (with the home flag still in place) three times win.

I usually don't care much about these kind of things, but I'm getting ready to quit so, why not?

Getting to the place from where I usually sleep within the game took me half an hour. (Now you see how the game can get pretty boring...)

Once there, there was lots of people - understandably so. It's a new feature. I'm not the only curious dude there.

I managed to play two games before bed time (guy's gotta sleep). And it was awesome!!

I suck, but I had fun!

There's strategy, there's purpose, there are epic battles. Its really cool!

Now there's an incentive for levelling up some more!

So maybe Warcraft's got me for a little bit more, then...

Monday 6 June 2005

Undead birds.

I think Alfred Hitchcock's movie would've been greater if the birds were going for brains.

I wonder what kinda beak such birds would've evolved over the years to make their feeding easier.

But this bird won't be the one who'll help us figure it out.

Our guys are hot the heels of rogue Arlene. But is it the probable proximity to Arlene that causes this sudden rise of temperature?

Wednesday 1 June 2005

For tech heads

Tech heads who like to read me might want to consider checking out in the Maze (the domain got registered not too long ago, it might not work for you yet... try tomorrow?).

On more zombie-related news, don't forget to check out Voices in my Hand, its last two comics had zombies in it! Yay!!