It often fascinates me, how an idea can germinate into a human's mind. How that said human talks to another human about this idea and convinces him that his idea is, in fact, a good idea. Then someone allows a budget to that idea and it becomes reality.

It becomes a product.

And then, another person decides - either out of curiosity, sympathy or some other form of misguided decising-making mechanisme - that it just might be, in fact an idea representative of what I like to call the "good" group.

Such is the case with this weird candy concept. I've been offered this candy (along with an interresting collection of odd candies) as part of a birthday gift last week.

This candy, as alot of candy does these days, is presented in a container. Where it starts getting weird, is when you realize the container is shaped like a tooth. Weirder still, one half of the tooth is fake-blood red.

Let's give your imagination a break:

I don't remember the name of the candy or how the instructions exactly went (I did not, at the time, have the presence of mind required to take note of such things. Mea culpa and let's keep moving on.) Basically, the container is split in two. There's a "candy" side, filled with little candy teeth (oh, the irony!). While the other side is filled with a jello-y red goo, that - it would seem - represents microbes or cavities... or is it melted bloody gums (kind of reminds me of petri dish blood agar...? I don't know what it is, but it sure is fruit flavored.

On the candy side lies a pair of little plastier pliers. As you undoubtebly have already guessed, the objective is to pick up a tooth with the pliers, dip it in the bloody gory goo and, as the saying goes, ingest it.

Creepy cool.

Doesn't taste so bad. The teeth are made mostly of sugar and shamelessly taste like sugar. The reddish jell-o, well, tastes like some kind of berry. I've always had a hard time differenciating chemical raspberries from chemical strawberries.

Well, that wasn't anything like cuitlacoche or anything Steve has ever tried eating. But then again, I have no intention of competing.

Sadly, the most digusting candy ever made has not made it from the party to my house and I won't be able to share pictures of it. But perhaps my memory of it will suffice in a future post...