Introducing Agent Richardson and the ZIA. Who's he? What's a ZIA? So many questions!

In the meantime, you can enjoy this classic 1954 horror comic book cover featuring a zombie. It's great! It just could be Zeb (pictured in a less cartoony way, of course...)

- Update -
Oh, and if there's any arabic speakers among you guys and gals, I'd love to hear confirmation about how penile-sounding Zeb's name is. I've been told it sould quite the same, but to my memory, it sounded more like 'Zabra' (which sounds alot like some arabic food of cylindrical shape (it's not my recipie - our family recipie, I might consider sharing someday...)).

But I'm no speaker of the tongue... maybe with the accent and everything, Zeb and "zabbra" sound the same? Who knows. I know I'd like to...