Hey, late on the post! Good thing the comic update is automated!

Quick contest update: Bordnlazy's got the best chance of winning... he's got nearly 50% of the tickets.

What'll he get if he wins? A super cool black t-shirt with our newest character on it.

What new character? You should know next week. When the new character's unveiled, I'll post a picture of what the shirt'll look like.

A week after that, I'll do the drawing. So, if the price is interresting to you, you should ACTIVATE AND GET A-LINKIN' ALREADY, cuz the t-shirt just ain't gonna win itself.

As I've been livin' under a rock for the past few days, I don't have much zombie-related news to share... Well, except this movie that just wrapped up filming and that should feature at least one zombie.

That's a darn cool title for a zombie flick (The Feeding).