Hope you all had a happy easter. Perhaps some of you crossed paths with the Easter zombie?

It would seem that not alot of people caught on to the retirement of the Easter bunny... Oh, well... there's always next year...

SO, now that Easter is all over; now that everyone who were supposed to come back from the dead did, we're continuing with our little story arc, here at Zombies?

We might remember that Arlene and Zeb mutually agreed on watching a movie at home ... Where will all this lead?

Oh gosh, oh my! What intolerable suspense!.

You might've caught our contest banner up there. Or you might've read it in last week's posts (scroll down, click on the blue days in the calendar. Sometimes, there's more to Zombies? that the comic!)

If you have no clue what I'm talking about... or if you have not started participating yet, check this out.

We've already got a few people playing here. And it'd seem that our friend Bordnlazy (from Zombies Hunters Guild) is taking a comfortable advance. Dont let this be too easy for him!

Also, I've posted a Day of the Dead movie review last week... I've had some fine folks helping me out and stimulating my dormant critic skills in a nice thread over All Things Zombie.

Links galore!