I bought a few comic books last week. I've been talking with the guy at the comic shop about zombies - he saw I had just purchased a copy of the Zombies!!! board game and was asking about it. Of course, I ended up plugging Zombies? as well, but he ended up plugging The Walking Dead, which he convinced me was must-read material.

So I bought the first trade (book reprinting first 6 issues), the second trade and the following four issues.

This is great stuff. (No, the "great" is not a link, its underlined. I know.)

This is a very well written and drawn piece of fiction. Robert Kirkman (the writer, amongst other things) wanted to go beyond the gorefest that is usually the main dish behind most zombie fiction (graphic, written, animated, etc.) we're used to see.

I've only gone through the first book and it's awesome. I've been scared, surprised, touched. I've said "damn!", quite a few times.

I'm very picky about the books I like - if not about the books I buy. I truly recommend picking this book up. Even if you don't usually (or ever) read comics. If you're a zombie fan... or just a plain fan of things well written, do yourself a favor and pick up the first book. You won't regret it and you'll most likely find youself picking up the second book as well... and wishing that the third one be out already :)