New monday, new comic!

I've been pretty busy all of last week and haven't had much time to walk the Zombie on the Web...

Well, there is one rater disturbing thing. An extra life lesson of some sort. There's an indie zombie film that's on the make.

What the life lesson?

Well, they're making a zombie movie based on a concept me and my bunch of friends have been wanting to do for quite some time. The idea is quite funny (zombie musical). We've had the idea for a few years. Wrote the script, a few songs. A short thingie (15 minutes thing).

In fact Zombies? is kind of a spawn of our multiple zombie movie ideas.

The lesson? Basically it's "get off your butt and do something about your ideas".

It's easy to have ideas. Even clever ideas about things that have never been done. I've had quite a few of them myself. I sit down and let them... mature... in my head for ages. Right until someone ends up with the same darn idea and just fraggin does it and release it.

Ideas are worthless if they're not realized.

One thing I come to realize, working in the software industry, is that even an half-assed attempt at making something is much more profitable than trying to make it perfect before it's out. Microsoft is the first example of this that comes to mind. There are notable exceptions to this (games made by Blizzard, for instance).

So if you've got a cool idea, flesh it out, work on it and make it true if you don't want the frustration of a) not achieving your dreams b) seeing someone else run and go with "your" cool idea.

You don't get something done by not doing it.