Zombie Infection Simulation is hours of fun, I tell you. Hours. Packages of 3600 seconds.

Okay, so, now that you're back from hours of giggling madly as every dot onscreen turning green, proving - once again - that zombies are an instoppable force of the universe, let's talk about Syndication.

See the right column of the page? There's a syndication "section" with a big orange button labeled "XML". If you click it (not now, or you'll go away), you'll see instructions on how tu use the Zombies? RSS feed.

If you have an RSS reader, it means you can get your reader to checkup on Zombies? and tell you when there's something new on Zombies?

What's an RSS reader? Glad I asked! It's a software (or sometimes, a Web service) that works pretty much like a mail reader. But it checks RSS feeds instead of email.

When you click on the "XML" button from Zombies?, you'll see a few recommended readers. I haven't tried these yet. They're still recommended by feedburner.

I've used RSS Reader, which is okay. And I'm currently using Bloglines, which is Web based and nice (it also has a little tool that sits on your toolbar and warns you when there's something new). None of them are perfect, so I'll most likely check out whatever feedburner suggests.

If you're curious as to what RSS feeds I'm subscribing to, you can see them on my bloglines blogroll.