Still on track for februrary release. Two comics done. Two ahead in the writing.

I had planned on using a vertical format (much like on Checkerboard Nightmare), but decided against it, as my Web page design forced me to go too narrow. The comics were getting hard to read.

So I went much like PvP Online. But my comics are more of the size we can see on Penny Arcade.

And I've started growing concerns for bandwith... well.. I think I'll wait for the comic to actually be a success before I worry about that. If I have to, I'll just go the whole Penny Arcade way and remove the comic from the front page. But I'm getting eons ahead of myself.

I haven't found my comfort zone with the comic yet. The ones I did are Okay by my standards... not great, but Okay. Since my whole storyline is planned for the year, though, I'm quite confident I won't lack material and will find my comfort zone.

So that means that in less than two weeks, I'm starting to release comics.

Be on the lookout for Zombies? to hit the Web January 31st!

What? I know I said februrary. But I want to release weekly on mondays. So, 31st'll have to do for beginning of februrary.