Starting March 2005, I've set up a banner system on Zombies?.

The system runs on phpAdsNew, a pretty cool, pretty sophisticated and pretty free open source banner management systems.

Now, I don't have delusions about how valuable advertising on Zombies? is.

It's frickin' amazing, that's what it is. A chance of a lifetime.

And I wouldn't feel right if I prevented any of you people from benefitting from this amazing opportunity.

That's why it's free.

Yup. I'm not charging a penny for this. I don't even know if I ever will...

But there's one catch - you absolutely have not to suck. That means that I must like what is advertised. AAAaaand, it has to make some kind of sence with the context of this Web page. So, zombie-related stuff, comics-related stuff... perhaps even toys or games. I'm open-minded.

Other than that, I need a 'half banner'. That's a 234x60 image. And an URL. That's where people'll go when they click on your banner. And what you'd like it to say when they mouse over your image.

Since I don't know how long I'll run these campains, consider these "1 month contracts". It runs for a month. After the month, if I'm still doing this for free, it'll go for another month. And so on. Should be free for quite some time. Maybe forever.

I'm still measuring it.

So, you likey? Mail me, we'll see if we can do business.